Starting a New School in September?

Starting a new school can be incredibly nerve-wracking, especially if you're going to secondary school for the first time. This transition can feel daunting, uncertain, or even scary. On top of this, it can be disappointing if you don't get your first choice school. We're here to settle your worries and ensure you that you'll settle in.

There will be ample opportunities to make friends in your new school. For example, if your school has houses or form groups, you’ll meet a lot of like-minded people who are likely just as nervous as you for your first day or week. It’s important to remember that you aren’t expected to know everything and it’s okay to get things wrong. Over time, you’ll learn your new routine and settle into the school.

Lots of people will feel worried on their first day about a lot of different things:

  • Not knowing anyone else
  • Concerns about making friends
  • Meeting new teachers and staff at the school
  • Finding your way around a new school and knowing where your classrooms are
  • New academic measures and expectations
  • Feeling generally nervous and anxious
  • Keeping up with the new workload including homework
  • Staying focused in class and understanding the work

There are lots of clubs in secondary schools which you can join to make friends quickly. We recommend every student to look at the schools’ website prior to starting so you have a more thorough understanding of what the school’s culture looks like. This is a good way to settle nerves and any uncertainties you may have.

Always remember that every student starting that school is in the same boat as you. If you ever aren’t sure, or need support, reach out to staff at the school who will be happy to help you. And after a few weeks, you’ll have made a strong friendship group and will be navigating the halls like a pro!