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West Grove’s New Uniform

This month, we partnered with West Grove Primary School to deliver an impactful and positive uniform launch for 2023. By creating a unique photoshoot experience with ten children, we developed new material for the school to showcase their new logo. Having heard the positive feedback from the children wearing the uniform for just a few hours, we knew that this uniform was a huge milestone of success for ourselves and West Grove Primary School.

Why are Teachers Striking?

When sending children to school over the next few weeks, you may be concerned about the NEU walkouts. Here's some information about why the strikes are happening and what you can expect.

Why do Schools Care About Uniform?

The questions on everyone's mind: why do school's care about uniform? Why do we wear uniform? Where did uniform come from? We hope to answer some of your curious questions in this blog post.

How to Run into the New Year with a Spring in your Step

Blue Monday's just passed but the feeling hasn't. The post-Christmas snap back to reality and the rush to get back in a routine really does weigh on your mind sometimes. Here's some tips to pick yourself back up at the start of the year.

School Photoshoots

Throughout the last six months, we have been fortunate enough to engage with a plethora of our partnering schools in complimentary photoshoots and interviews. These shoots have allowed our partnering schools to showcase their hard work and talents within the community.

Designing a New Sports Kit

Everything you need to know about designing a new sports kit for your school, including staff kits.

Are School Uniforms Changing?

As we continue our relationships with our partnering schools, a key priority between ourselves and our schools is making uniform gender neutral to allow all pupils to feel they have a place in their school communities.

Our Superstars visit the Pumpkin Farm

On Sunday 9th October, we took four of our Smiths Superstars pumpkin picking at the Pop Up Farm in St Albans. With the sun shining and autumnal uniform at the ready, the students thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Sustainable Fashion Week

It's Sustainable Fashion Week, so we thought we'd let you know about how we are doing our bit to reduce the carbon footprint caused by clothes waste.

Starting a New School in September?

Starting a new school can be incredibly nerve-wracking, especially if you're going to secondary school for the first time. This transition can feel daunting, uncertain, or even scary. On top of this, it can be disappointing if you don't get your first choice school. We're here to settle your worries and ensure you that you'll settle in.

How to Prepare for your First Day at School

Starting school can seem like the most daunting thing ever, especially if your child hasn’t been to a nursery prior or struggles in social situations. It is important that, every step of the way, we talk to children about how they are feeling and help them to understand what their life at school will be like.

Welcome to our New Website

Please see a video guide on how to use our new website. We hope you find your shopping experience smooth, easy, and enjoyable!

Back to School Checklist

Not sure how to prepare for Back to School? We've compiled a comprehensive checklist to make sure you don't miss anything. Not only will your child be ready for September, they will be learning with Full Marks for School Uniform.