Why do Schools Care About Uniform?

The questions on everyone's mind: why do school's care about uniform? Why do we wear uniform? Where did uniform come from? We hope to answer some of your curious questions in this blog post.

Why do schools care about uniform? What are the secrets behind uniform and what do they mean to UK schools? Let’s explore…

Girl with school uniform on in front of the text 'why do schools care about uniform'. Introducing an article about why schools have uniform.


Uniform sets a standard of behaviour: proven to improve student behaviour and reduce bullying, uniform can be used inside and outside of school as a way to set expectations professionally and in education.

Uniform reduces social inequality: removing as many barriers in school is essential to student success. By limiting the opportunity to wear branded items that would visually tilt the demographic scales, uniform is a leveller for schools.

Research shows that, by introducing school uniform into everyday life, students feel an improved sense of belonging and unity. Through this, schools create a unified community true to their brand and ethos. On top of this, this reduces the pressure on students of what to wear every day.


Uniform is a sustainable solution. Yes, you heard it here first. The truth of the matter is that today many schools are opting to wear bottles made of blazers. While being great for the good of the planet, uniform is great value for parents. It’s easy to see the initial cost of uniform as expensive. However, the continuous wear of uniform justifies the initial spend as schools wear uniform every day. Uniform will often last a child beyond one year, and potentially even longer than this. However, items purchased on the high street would not typically last this long.

On top of this, uniform is so durable that it has enabled a second-hand market even after daily wear by active students. Through this, we have developed our Pre-Loved scheme which, at this present moment in time, has saved parents over £5,000. You can shop Pre-Loved here and save up to 90% on uniform.

What are your school’s thoughts on uniform? Resent it or love it?