West Grove’s New Uniform

This month, we partnered with West Grove Primary School to deliver an impactful and positive uniform launch for 2023. By creating a unique photoshoot experience with ten children, we developed new material for the school to showcase their new logo. Having heard the positive feedback from the children wearing the uniform for just a few hours, we knew that this uniform was a huge milestone of success for ourselves and West Grove Primary School.

By providing a wraparound care service for West Grove, our campaign was driven by helping parents to understand the change and put the new uniform in a positive light. Offering new alternatives for students, the West Grove uniform spans the same product types as the previous uniform with new additions of a cardigan, zipped sweatshirt, reversible jacket and a new bag. One child, in particular, adored the reversible jacket and the zipped sweatshirts have already been popular purchases from our online shop.

We met with Mrs Davis to discuss the school and its community in more detail. Mrs Davis began her journey at West Grove as a parent and later became a governor and then a staff member. She told us that there is a real sense of community at the school and this is something that shines through all students. This sense of community spans across the entire body of the school through its diverse community with diverse links. The school are proud to host an international evening where they share the foods of different cultures and parents get involved in making dishes. West Grove embeds its values into each part of its practise. From stepping in the door, West Grove had a calm atmosphere and works to develop good citizens.

At the school, mixed friendship groups are encouraged as students can go into different zones. This is particularly important in light of this month’s Children’s Mental Health Week which is encouraging children to build valuable connections. Connections at the school are strong and understanding, and staff are in tune with the children and know individual children really well. Recognising the effects of the Cost of Living Crisis, West Grove is working with the Felix project to help feed children. The Felix Project collects fresh, nutritious food that cannot be sold and redistributes it to schools and those in need so that they can make healthy meals and help vulnerable children.

Miss Davis continued that, around the school, they adopt the “West Grove Way” that values every child and encourages them to be ambitious for themselves. “I think what makes West Grove unique is that everyone is signed up to that here. We develop our school vision together and everyone is part of that vision”.

Mrs Davis continued that the school champions the “best interventions and best quality first teaching. The teachers know the children and we have lots of different routes into pastoral support”. The school’s inclusion manager is, in Mrs Davis’ words, “incredible”. “She pulls everything together,” Mrs Davis explained and expressed that staff can approach her with any issues. The learning climate at West Grove is outstanding and every child and staff member has a resounding respect for everyone. Students are encouraged to be brave and take risks, preparing students for life as an adult. Because of West Grove’s positive attitude to learning, they recently had a positive OFSTED result, which noted that children leave the school ready to go on and be the best they can be. The school has consistently been a good school.

The uniform continues to be a signal that students and staff belong to the West Grove Family. The bright blue and badge of honour signals new horizons for children to be brave, take risks, and learn unforgivingly.